We have English Service from 9:30 on Sunday.


Rev.Marjorie Mizuno

We are a group, from many different countries, who wish to worship God in English. Some of our members are Japanese, who want to improve their use of the English language. Non-Christians are always welcome to join with us.

As we are a function of Christian Life church, throughout the year many outstanding speakers come to share the Word of God with us. We are very aware that God’s Spirit is moving, around the world, in marvelous ways, and are preparing our hearts so that we can be used by Him to gather the harvest of new believers, which will surely come to Japan. 

We enjoy worshipping God through inspired music. If God has blessed you with musical ability, you may wish to inquire about becoming part of one of our worship teams.

Whether you are only in Nagoya temporarily, or have long-term plans, do come and worship with us. Should you have a need for prayer or counsel, call the church. An English speaker is usually always available and can direct you to one of our pastors. 

See you Sunday at 9:30. 


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4-64 Akasaka-cho,Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aich, Japan 464-0094

We have two parking lots.

By Subway

Get off at Chayagasaka Station (meijo line No.4: M15) and walk about 15 minutes to the church.

>>NAGOYA STATION -Nagoya Transportation guide


By Bus (City Bus from Nagoya station)

Get on Kikan No.2 Bus (To Hikarigaoka or Idaka-Shako) at Terminal “Green Home”, Naagoya City Bus Terminal and get off at bus stop, Chayagasaka.

It takes around 40 minutes by bus and 10 minutes walk to the church.   


By Bus(Meitetsu Bus from Nagoya Station)

Get on Meitetsu Bus at No.4 Meitetsu Bus Center and get of at bus stop, Chayagasaka.

It takes about 40 minutes by bus and 10 minutes walk to the church.


By City Bus from Sakae

Get on Kikan No.2 Bus (To Hikiyama or Shikennya) at Oasis 21 Bus Terminal, No3 and get off at Chayagasaka.

It takes around 30 minutes by bus and 10 minutes walk to the church.